Monday, November 30, 2009

We suck at Life

We just played the three most depressing games of Monster 's Inc. Life ever. Only once did either one of us finish with no debt. The really sad part is that it mimicked our real life pretty well. sigh.

Welcome to the couch

Hey. And welcome to my side of the couch.

I started this blog because I wanted make fun of my boyfriend, the funny things he does when he plays video games, and the stupid things that happen to him in those games. But he wanted to start one together and talk about the things we enjoy in life. So here it is, our Observations from the Other Side of the Couch. (He has the right side and I have the left side)

He just told me not to bad mouth him, or he would have to "lay the smack down" (ha)

A little about us. We both are animation students, we kinda live together, and we have been dating for about six months.