Friday, March 26, 2010

The Tension Sucks

Last night we had four hours of tension and fear. Not for us, but for the woman who lives above us. While the people that live above us are usually ass-hats on the weekends; when the fighting started we kept our ears open. The argument started a few days ago when the chick kick the guy out. There was some screaming then some banging on the door when he got locked out, but nothing more.
Last night around one it started again. At first it was yelling, then some thudding, slamming doors, more yelling, then screaming. Not the "I'm pissed" screaming, more like the "OH HOLY GOD!!!!!!" screaming. Around then is when we called 911 for a domestic disturbance. They sent an officer, but as it usually happens the dick weed was gone by then.
We think, we're not really sure what happened, because after about thirty minutes the fighting started again. Why the hell would you let him back in, and when the hell did he back inside? And it was bad, we could tell whatever was happening was going on in the bathroom. From the thuds, crashes, screaming and crying, someone was getting the shit beat out of them. So, we called the cops again, this time though we met up with them and attempted to tell them what was going on. But as all of us have learned, Dallas PD are ass-hats, who didn't let me finish telling them that we could hear the chick in the bathtub crying. They told us to go back to our apartment, where we tried to listen to what was happening upstairs. The cops went up to the door and knocked...and knocked, no answer. All noise from upstairs stopped. Well, except for the muffled sobbing. So the cops stood there and knocked, never said anything, and then left after a about ten minutes. They didn't come and see if they could hear someone moving around from our apartment, because you could. Or come and ask if we could still hear anything, they just left.
They left after not trying very hard to find out if some one might me in danger or need medical attention. You would think that us having called twice that something bad might have been going down, or the fact we had reported screaming and then there was silence when we had just heard screaming and crying right before we went to get the cops. Thanks for nothing DPD.
After that we continued listening in to see if anything happened. It was eerily quiet, and then the sink started up and someone kept moving shit around. There was no more crying or screaming, only some masculine mumbles.
It had been four hours, and nothing was happening any more. We were pretty wound up, I mean we were very concerned about this chick. And we wanted to help, but couldn't really do anything. It really sucked. Trying to help others is fucking nerve wracking.
We're pretty sure a cop was up there earlier today. Hopefully everyone is ok.