Saturday, April 3, 2010

Without the Right Side

This past week The Right Side has been out of town. Gil had to go be with his family during our one week off from school, leaving my all by my lonesome. And I have to say, it wasn't bad.

That's not to say I didn't miss him, because I did. It wasn't like the times I had to go stay at my "real" apartment because the parents where coming to visit and they don't know about my living with Gil (I think they do, but they're gonna let me bust my ass pretending I'm not). Most of the times I have to leave him for a few days  it sucks. Part of it is, I believe, is that we are so close but still apart. The apartment we share is in Dallas, my other apartment is in Grand Prairie. Close, but so far away. It's a really easy drive to make, and that makes it harder.

The other thing that makes it more difficult to be apart during those times is that that place is no longer "home" to me. Gil is now my home, being with him is being at home. Wow that was weird, he just called me as I finished that sentence. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Right now I'm in a place that is connected to Gil, his stuff is here, the bed we share is here. I still feel connected to him, even though he is not here.

So this time apart hasn't effected me as it has him (He's rather homesick), but it has made me realize how much I love him and what he has come to mean to me. And while to hasn't been bad, I can't wait till he get back tonight.

P.S-Happy Birthday honey! I love you.

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  1. So it was on the 3rd, damn, I'm not good at remembering birthdays D: