Thursday, May 20, 2010

Couch update

So it's been a little over a month since our last post, or more specifically my post. We were in the process of maybe getting a couch or futon. We were very afraid that once we made the decision to get one there would be none for us to get. Just like last time. Because Wal-mart is a place of disappointment. But more on that later. We made the decision and went to go get our couch. Then we realized that neither of us has a vehicle that is capable of transporting a couch, assembled or not. Or so we thought. We decided to go and see if the box that the couch would come in would fix in my car, as it is a hatch back and could maybe work.

So we got there and looked at the boxes and thought, 'Sure that would fit in Kim's car, but how the hell do we get it there and up the damn stairs when we get home?' You see, our problem wasn't size or weight, our problem was the fact that everyone of those boxes looked like shit. There was no way for us to lift the damn thing, they looked like they were kept together with spit and lots of cheap tape. So, with sadness settling in our hearts we looked around to see if they had more of those futons. Not surprising they didn't, what they did have was a nicer one for forty bucks more. Only problem was that the nicer slightly more expensive one had a bigger box.

We had no idea what we could fit in my car, and neither of us had any thing to measure it with.

Oh wait! We were in Wal-mart! So after a trip to the hardware section, we measured the box, then bought the tape measure( it was $1) and then went out to measure the car. After a few measurements we decided we could fit the box in the car. So, back into Wal-mart we went, to get our selves a futon.  

Getting that thing to the car was a bitch. We had to get it on top of a cart, which sucked. I managed to crush my hand in the process. Then we had to wheel it to the front, while we couldn't see around it. We ended up pulling it backwards all the way to the front. We paid, and then got it to the car where we found out that we were right in believing that we didn't have a vehicle that would fit a couch in.

I had forgot to measure the spot in my car where the seats fold down. That one spot managed to be less that an inch too small. The couch was soooo close to fitting in the damn car. I had wanted to buy some twine or rope to see if we could tie the hatch closed, but there wasn't anything we could tie it to. Nothing.

So, I had to drive home with the hatch of my car all the way up. not even partially closed. Our only saving grace was that the Wal-mart we frequent is pretty damn close to our apartment. I mean, it's about a five minute drive.

So we get home and have the craptastic job of getting all the way to our apartment on the second floor and in the only building without direct access to the parking lot.  It sucked. Add to that the fact that the box started falling apart two thirds of the way up the small set of stairs that lead to our apartment. When we finally got to the stairs for out building we ended up rolling the damn thing up the stairs.

After we got it into the apartment, I had to put it together. Which took a while, but was totally worth it. Now we don't have to sit on the floor. And it was a huge step to making our place feel like a home.

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