Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making a Home

Tomorrow I get added to Gil's lease and the two of us will sign the new lease for another 8 months. We have slowly been moving my stuff over from my apartment, slowly been adding my books and movies to his. We are starting to build our home together.

After getting our couch, we got me a desk that can fit in the living room, some chairs for the kitchen table, and hung up some of the items that have sitting on the mantle.  And now that those are up we have more room to display all of Gil's figures and collectibles. We had to buy another DVD shelf to fit all of our stuff combined. I brought a few shelves from my place and have already put them to good use. I still have most of my larger furniture at my other apartment. I did manage to get one of my larger bookshelves here all by myself. Yeah me!

We finally decided to put stuff on the walls since we won't be moving anytime soon. Gil has a lot of posters, most of which we won't be putting up. There are a few we want to hang up, but we would like to frame them first. Mostly movie posters like the Incredibles, and The Princess and the Frog. We're kinda at a loss for what to put up in the bedroom. We don't really have anything we want to hang in there. 

Jeremi finally was able to move his stuff out of our sun room. We have blocked off the door in the living room that goes back there. We needed the space. We still have access to it through our bedroom. Which is another good reason to have my computer desk in the living room. The sun room is quickly turning into a library. As soon as I get my larger bookcase over here we'll have quite the collection. Now that I think about it I'm gonna move some stuff around back there. Hm.


Also, we have been wanting a pet for some time now and finally he managed to get one. Say hello to Ted Danson. Isn't he adorable. 
Yes he is snuggled in my cleavage.

He is the perfect pet for us, he doesn't bark or make a mess. We would like a real pet but, right now this is the best we can get. 

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